November 09, 2012

50 down, 50 to go

We are 50% done with the 100 Day Hustle. Yikes! I am not 50% done with my list, so something's gotta go! And I may have added to the list too...

Kelsey Sews

QUILTY STUFF - 2.5/5 completed (nos. 3 and 5 must wait)
  1. Vintage Holiday quilt - DONE - blogged here.
  2. Vintage-Holiday-on-couch
  3. Table runner with AMH feather pattern - thank you gift for my grandparents for myself - blocks assembled!
  4. Feathers-layout-WIP
  5. WIP: Finish California Cherry Blossom quilt top, send to professional quilter? Removed from list
  6. Windy City Days baby quilt - DONE - blogged here.
  7. Windy_Days_Quilt_On_Couch
  8. Jack Attack quilt - has to wait until next year...
  9. Baby quilt for brother's baby due mid-December (gender a secret - boo)
  10. Christmas tree skirt using some Joy charm packs in stash
GENERAL SEWING - 2/10 completed (2 items added, 1 put on hold)
  1. Tote bag and key fob for Mouthy Stitches 2 swap DUE 10/20 - DONE - blogged here.
  2. Mouthy-Stitches-2-finished-front
  3. Something (still a mystery to me) Origami Fabric Ornament Tutorial for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop - DONE - blogged here.
  4. Fabric origami ornament tutorial
  5. Kenwood Mixer cover DUE 11/27
  6. NEW: Christmas Table Runner for swap DUE 11/30
  7. Minky/flannel blanket for brother's baby (same baby as above) - fabrics are purchased and washed, does that make it a WIP?
  8. NEW: Hot pads/oven mitts as thank-you gift to grandparents - WIP - just need binding
  9. Xmas-zakka-potholders-WIP
  10. Hot pads/oven mitts (Christmas gift)
  11. Zakka style nesting boxes (Christmas gift)
  12. Cushions or tote bags for 2 nieces and 1 sister (Christmas gifts)
  13. Christmas stocking for babygirl
  14. Sewing machine cover (for ME) No way this is getting made this year...
CLOTHING (not high priority, but have all materials ready...) - 0/3 completed
  1. Baprons for babygirl using laminated cotton
  2. Christmas dress for babygirl
  3. Liberty scarf (with crochet lace on ends?)
KNITTING (to get myself out of my sewing room, but not high priority) - 1/2 completed (nos. 2 and 4 must go)
  1. Chunky cowl for myself (maybe crochet) - DONE - blogged here.
  2. Bandana-cowl-onbody
  3. Red Christmas dress for babygirl (maybe...)
  4. Green sweater for babygirl (have yarn) - Now a WIP!
  5. Purple dress for babygirl (have yarn)

Hey, I just realized that on my quilty stuff and knitting lists I AM 50% done. Hurrah!

Linking up to the halfway point linky party at Kelsey Sews. How are you doing with your hustle?


  1. Good girl :-). And which one is for me???

  2. Love the pinwheels and the tote. So darling.

  3. I love the tote !! And the cowl and the feathers. Oh how I love those feathers !!

    I'm doing pretty well too. We have all the reasons to be proud of ourselves :)

  4. Wow, well done - you should definitely be proud of yourself:-)

  5. Well done.. All looking great. I had to review mine too. will update about it soon. I love that pinwheel quilt..adorable!

  6. That is one impressive list! Hope you get it done. The accomplishments so far are gorgeous, though I had to laugh about the table runner becoming yours as it is so beautiful.

  7. Great job on getting half on your list done! Gorgeous makes all around, Marit.

  8. What great projects! I love the way you quilted the vintage holiday quilt and that mouthy stitches swap tote is incredible! Way to get over the 50% mark. Good luck with the next 50 days.

  9. Such great projects and progress! I love your vintage holiday quilt!

  10. You're doing great on list. You've got a lot done. I've pretty much given up since I'm working on product for the Pop Up Shop. I might be able to get some things done after that though.


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