March 01, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day/Goal Setting - March

February felt like a good sewing month.

I started and finished a quilt - Starburst (Shine bright like a diamond)

I finally completed my Cherry Blossom quilt top (started this last summer) and I think it's being quilted today (outsourced)

I started on something small, just for fun

Did I make a birthday gift for my grandma? No comment. Her birthday hasn't been yet;

So what's in store for March?

1) Finish my Cherry Blossom quilt (all I will need to do is sew on binding) - this will be my Lovely Year of Finishes goal
2) Birthday gift for grandma - if it's not already done;)
3) I really want to sit down and figure out how to use my new serger (which I bought in November)

So nothing big - I hope I will have time to do some small, fun projects this month. It's the last month I'm home before becoming a working professional again. It will be strange to return to work, but good to start having a life outside the home again! My brain needs to think about other things than feeding, nap time and diaper changes. And I know the little girl will be in good hands - it's time for 12 weeks (paid) paternity leave for the mister. Yup, Norway's great like that:)

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  1. Love your starburst. I need to get out of my comfort zone and do diamonds.

  2. You are a quilter extraordinnaire!

  3. The starburst quilt looks fantastic - I like the quilting you used!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! Have fun doing your gran's

  5. Your Cherry Blossom is so nice! I love that pattern. :-)

  6. Love your quilts! Your little project is super cute too!

  7. Your February projects were lovely! Not sure my husband could handle 12 weeks of paternity leave...

  8. I love the quilting you've done on your quilt!

  9. Both of your quilt tops are striking Marit. I like the idea of you not overloading your month before work begins.

  10. I love your starburst! Can't wait to see your finished cherry blossom quilt!

  11. Your quilt finishes are beautiful!

  12. just found your blog via your Mum.........lovely quilts your working on.....

  13. What a stunning quilt! Good luck finishing the binding - that is my least favorite step!

  14. Wow, paternity leave like that is awesome! Beautiful quilts. Especially like the saltair and your geese circles :)

  15. Your quilts are beautiful - really love the quilting on the Starburst one!


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