October 26, 2012

Doing the Happy Mail Dance!

I was on my way out to run an errand when I peeked in my mail box and spotted a package for me. When I saw who it was from, my heart started racing, I was so excited.

I had to run my errand before opening the package, so I literally ran (no small feat as the first leg was a 200 meter hill going up, while pushing a 25 lb baby in a stroller), just so I could get home as soon as possible. Well, I stopped running when I could taste blood in my mouth...

Well home again I opened the package carefully to find a tissue-wrapped gift and a card showing the cute village where Susan lives.

I ripped the paper off - and there it was - the tote bag from the Mouthy Stitches swap that I had been salivating over for the last weeks. Even more beautiful and vibrant in real life than on photos. My photos don't do it justice...


Not only was there a tote bag - I also received a super cute key fob and some delicious chocolate (which I had to taste fairly quickly after taking the photograph, being the chocolate-lover that I am).

Don't you just love the stitching she did on the tote? Susan is the queen of quilting with perle cotton!

See how happy I was to receive this? Very happy!

So THANK YOU, SUSAN - I feel like a lucky ducky right now! And if you don't know Susan, I highly recommend checking out her blog. She is super talented, funny and sweet - one of my very favorite bloggers (I am not only saying that because she sent me this tote and she didn't pay me to say it either).


  1. This is such a cleverly pieced tote and Susan s hand stitching was inspired. You look so happy indeed.

  2. lol! What a lovely thank you!

  3. Aw, thank you Marit. I am just so glad you like the tote.

  4. What a lovely tote - fantastic hand stitching and gorgeous colours too. I like the phrase on the back - reminded me of the song by my all time favourite group, QUEEN!

  5. So cool! I followed Susan's blog while she made this.

  6. Lucky you ; ) it's beautiful!

  7. You are a lucky ducky indeed. I love that tote! I hope you'll bring it to the Fat Quarterly retreat so we can have a look at it up close :-)

  8. Gorgeous tote , and such a sweet photo of you happy smiling face.

  9. So you're the lucky one to get a Susan original!


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