October 11, 2012

Let's Get Acquainted! (my day on the blog hop)

Hi and welcome to my day on the Let's Get Acquainted! Blog Hop, hosted by the wonderful Beth at Plum and June.
Plum and June

My name is Marit (pronounced Mah-ritt) and I am a Norwegian-American living just outside Oslo, Norway with one husband (yes, only one)), one baby girl and one cat. I looooove all stitchy activities - sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, you name it! I also love baking, chocolate, a good glass of red wine and travelling. I wish I loved exercising and vegetables as much as sewing and sweets...

I've been blogging 4 months now. Let's start off with showing you my completed projects - as you can see, I love color!
Completed Projects 10/10/2012

Now - let get down and dirty with some details about me (me, me, me)!

How long have you been quilting: I made my first actual quilt when I was 13 (it's kind of ugly, so I won't show it to you) and since then I've been quilting on and off the last 18 years. If you don't want to do the math, that makes me 31 years old.

Favorite blogging tip: Be social and make friends. Comment on other blogs and reply to all comments on your blog (as much as possible). Flickr is a great place to meet like minded crafters by joining different groups and swaps (and bees, but I haven't tried that yet).

Favorite chocolate: Milk chocolate, with or without nuts. And white chocolate Toblerone.

WIP: Vintage Holiday quilt - waiting to be basted, quilted an bound
Vintage Holiday Quilt Top

Favorite craft book: I have too many and hardly make anything from them... But I really like the projects in Zakka Style. The Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop has a lot of great modern blocks and projects. And if you don't already subscribe to the Fat Quarterly e-zine, I highly recommend it.

Favorite cookie: Chocolate chip cookies (this is my favorite recipe), with cold, cold milk to drink.

Favorite quilting tool: Besides the usuals, I love using stick-on leather thimble dots when hand quilting/embroidering/hand sewing binding . So much more comfortable than your traditional thimble!

Binding by hand or machine: By hand if the back will be seen, by machine if not (table runners, for example).

Favorite wines: Riojas, Cabernet Sauvignons and Syrahs/Shiraz. Or a good, dry Riesling. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! (Don't worry, I don't have a drinking problem. In fact, with being either prego or nursing the last 16 months, wine has been a low priority in my life.)

WIP: Front panel for tote for Mouthy Stitches 2 Swap

Wish I'd know before starting blogging: How fun and social it would be and how much time it takes. A lot of time!

Favorite places to visit: Italy is beautiful (well, Norway is too, but that's just home to me). England is friendly. Copenhagen, Dublin and Edinburg are perfect sized big cities. Japan is on the wish list... And a safari in Africa would be cool...

My tutorial for you can be found in the post below or by clicking here. I have channeled my inner Elizabeth Hartman (if you have her books, you will know what I mean) and made some color options at the end for your inspiration:)


Check out the tutorial and let me know what you think! And then check out the other blogs on the blog hop this week:

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Thank you so much for stopping by - leave me a comment and Let's Get Acquainted!



  1. Hi Marit, it's nice to know abit more about you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marit, great to get you know you better and to share our day on the Blog Hop :) I'm loving your completed project collage, great fabrics and colours and pieces. Tutorial is smashing and I like that you made the ornament in different colours/fabrics, I think the pink and lime green is my favourite! Have a good day :)

  3. Nice to meet you on the blog hop! Your projects are beautiful. If you ever do make it to Japan, we can meet in person, as I'm currently an American ex-pat living in Tokyo:). Your origami ornament is great!

  4. I love your use of color in your completed projects. I am going to make up your ornament, thanks for the tute

  5. Hello! You have made some wonderful things, I'm going to have a little nosey round your blog now!

  6. Hi Marit is so nice to meet you. YOur projects are beautiful. I'm a big a fan of chocolate and cannot resist chocolate chip cookies with milk (just the best treat).

  7. I'm with you--I don't understand why I can't like veggies and exercise as much as dessert. It's a shame really.

    Your projects are lovely! And I love that ornament! So cute! It's nice to meet you! :)

  8. White Choc Tobelerone is the only white choc which I like, but I wouldn't say no to cookies either. I love your projects, they're so bright and happy!

  9. Nice to meet you! I like the ornament!

  10. Great post Marit! I like your FAQs - though I like milk chocolate Toblerone. All your projects are so beautiful.

  11. Great projects and I am off to check out your tute now.
    I am on the Hop next week and hoping you will visit me too, as I was thinking about a way to say Thank You to Beth for organising this mammoth Hop.

  12. Your mosaic is lovely, and I like your FAQs - Shiraz and chocolate, oh yes:-) Nice to learn more about you on the Hop.

  13. Nice to meet you! I love all the bright colors on your mosaic! And your ornaments are gorgeous!

  14. Lovely to meet you on the hop! Your project collage is amazing and love your ornament tutorial. I bet Norway is a beautiful place. If i ever go there, I will look you up and we can sew, drink wine and eat chocolate, mmmmmm!!

  15. Already a follower. Wasn't doing the blog hop fun? The ornaments are very pretty!

  16. How fun to learn a little bit more about you! I think you should also put California on your list. And Minnesota--we can have dinner together at Bergen Bar and Grill!

  17. Great intro Marit. Love seeing a photo of you so I can put a face to name. I am rather fond of Riojas too. Malbec is nice too. Just in case you decide to pursue the alcohol thing again after the baby nursing is done!!

  18. Nice to meet someone not too far away since I'm from Sweden. ;) Thanks for sharing on the blog hop. And I have finally caught up with all the blog hop stops. About time dont you think? ;)

  19. Hi Marit, so nice to meet you on the blog hop (I'm a bit behind and catching up!) Love the ornament tutorial, hopefully I can get some made for the tree this year.

  20. So nice to meet you Marit - I am trying to catch up too:) Your projects are lovely, and thank you for the fabulous tutorial!


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