May 13, 2013

Better late that never...

Last fall, I purchased quite a few screen printed panels from Cat & Vee. I love their fun, colorful and quirky style! Cat is the most avid sewer/blogger and always amazes me with her bold color combinations and extensive range of novelty prints - always the perfect ones for each project. Vee may be a silent partner on the blog, but her graphic designs sure speak up for themselves. You really should check out their shop and blog!

So I had inteded to use some of these panels for Christmas gifts and as that clearly didn't happen, I now managed to make two of them into cushions for my nieces' 8th and 13th birthdays.

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY - for 13-year old

The panel is framed by a small (neon-ish) green border and a frame of randomly placed HST's and solid squares. I love how this turned out! Wish I could keep it for myself...


Due to some miscalculations the front panel came out too large and I had to chop off the edges. As you can see there are no points along the sides...

MR. PIPSQUEAK - for 8-year old

I was getting short on time and had to do a (much) simpler design on this one. But I still think it is very cute - the doggy is quite detailed enough on its ows!



To make up for the simple front - I added a crazy print (from Trade Winds by Moda) on the back - which went over really well - yay!

So there - I was very happy to finish these up about 3 hours before their birthday party! Yes, I am a procrastinator...

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  1. Both fab, but I especially love the doggy one, and I bet the 8 year old did too!

  2. ;-) i am still in love with the Dance pillow... But the other is so cute...

  3. Both of them are just fantastic! The kids will surely love them.

  4. The look amazing! Love how you used the HST's to frame the top one.

  5. Everything you make looks so neat! They're fabulous!

  6. What gorgeous cushions!! I have changed my mind and now Mr Pipsqueak is my favourite. Love that Trade Winds line - so wish I had bought some!

  7. WOW. What gorgeous cushions, I am particularly partial to Mr Pipsqueak too.

  8. Brilliant gifts. I still love the dancing one!

  9. Both gorgeous, I'll bet they will be totally loved! :o)

  10. Hi! Wonderful pillows! The doggy one is very special and the print is beautiful - I love the backing, too!

  11. thank you so much Marit for your awesome photos and words!! I love your dancing pillow - the fluro frame and HST border are both perfect, I love the colours you've chosen. And Pipsqueak looks fab in her little frame, and the backing you chose is gorgeous.

    I saw your lovely photos on Flickr last night, and it's been such a thrill to find your blog post now - you've really made my day with your very kind words. Thank you so much. I hope your nieces were both really happy with their gorgeous gifts. I'll email your blog link to Vee so she can see it too. Cat x

  12. Marit - do we have your permission to share your blog-post link on our Facebook page? We are still trying to get better at Facebooking - we've not had a page for too long. Thanks so much, I'll wait to hear. Thanks so much again for such a lovely post. Cat x

  13. Great pillows...I love the colors!

  14. Oh, I just LOVE them! I will check out the link. And no one will miss the points on the sides. There is to much other loveliness to look at! Okay, my turn! Please make me one now. LOL.

  15. Hi Marit
    Cat shared your blog post with me. Outstanding work love, especially the 'Dance the night away' cushion. That is the best one we've ever seen. Pip so gorgeous too.
    xxx vee (vanita)

  16. Those solids on the first cushion are perfection! They're perfect for a 13yo!

  17. They are both great. I love Dance the Night Away!


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