May 03, 2013

Giving and receiving

Monday is Giveaway Day hosted by Sew Mama Sew. In addition, I realized I have passed 100 followers (woo hoo, how do you do? Who are all you people?) so that also warrants a giveaway. Come back Monday to see what's up for grabs.

Also, I want to say thank you to Amy for these items that I received in the Modern She Made swap on Flickr. Amy made me a stunning cushion cover and included a tea wallet with teas (yum) and some Union Jack Starbust candy (yum).


Do you see that she used Liberty fabric on the cushion and tea wallet? And the Union Jack label on the side of the cushion? I love that she gave all her gifts a British theme!


Thank you again, Amy! I have already started enjoying my sweets and teas:)


  1. That is an amazing cushion cover! Congrats on your 100 followers!

  2. I am so pleased you received it all in one piece and are enjoying it!!! Can't wait for giveaway day on the 6th!!!

  3. It's fab isn't it, that Amy is one talented lady!

  4. What a nice thing you received! Very thoughtful and pretty. I have been following you through RSS feed, but I clicked on the google connect, too, so it "counts." :-)

  5. congrats on 100 followers, and receiveing such a lovely swap gift.


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