December 08, 2012

Zippy Granny Pouches

December is time for gift sewing. My list of gifts I want to sew is sooo long. So I don't know why I decided to add 3 more items to the list and then make them first. My brain works in mysterious ways.
Desember er tid for å sy gaver. Gavelisten er alt for lang, så jeg vet ikke hvorfor jeg la til tre saker og så bestemte meg for å sy de først. Hjernen min kan være litt rar.

So first off the list are 3 zip pouches for some grannies (but not the one who reads this blog). The pattern is from Perfect Zip Bags by Elizabeth Hartman. They are about 9" wide at the top.
Så først på listen kom tre tasker for noen bestemødre (ikke den som leser bloggen). De er ganske store, ca. 23 cm brede øverst.

For Granny Eli (husband's grandma) - Odds & Ends by Moda with Essex linen in Putty.
For bestemor Eli (mormor til mannen)


For Granny Judith (ex-step-dad's mom) - also Odds & Ends with Essex linen in Putty. A little more green in this one - Judith likes green. I think.
For bestemor Judith (mor til eks-stefar).


For Granny Helen (my paternal grandma) - Mama Said Sew by Moda with Essex linen in yarn dyed Black. Granny Helen wears a lot of red, so this should be perfect for her.
For bestemor Helen (min farmor)


All lined up on the kitchen floor - the ONLY place in the house that gets an iota of decent light these days.
Alle på rekke og rad på kjøkkenet - det eneste rommet i huset som får litt dagslys nå for tiden.

On tomorrow's agenda - sew something super secret for someone in the family who does read this blog;) Only sneaky peak will be shown before Christmas.
På morgendagens agenda - sy noe superhemmelig for et familiemedlem som leser bloggen:) Kun små hint og smakebiter vil bli vist før jul.

So how are you doing with you to-do lists?
Så hvordan går det med din syliste?


  1. Your pouches are beautiful!! I made some yesterday but I am less than happy! I may still unpick them and make them over! Off to check out the pattern you used...

  2. Love the pouches and their monograms. I think I am making progress, but still a long way to go before I am finished making for Christmas.

  3. Oh the Mama Said Sew with the Essex linen is beautiful! Lovely pouches - good luck with your secret sewing.

  4. Marit, I love them all, but especially the Mama Said Sew one!

  5. So Cute!!! Love the Mama Said Sew one :)

  6. I understand the sneaky peak. This afternoon I'm sewing a gift that I want to share online so badly! The recipient doesn't read. In fact, he doesn't even walk yet, but I'd kind of like to surprise his mommy and daddy. They are not regular readers but just in case...

    Oh, and did you need my address for one of those pouches? I'm sure you need to add another one to your list!


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