August 13, 2012

Dear Jane catch-up (13-20)

Info: Dear Jane is a quilt with 169 4.5" squares surrounded by 56 triangles, for a total of 225 blocks that each have a unique pattern. It is based on a quilt made by Jane Stickle in 1863. There are no templates or cutting instructions, only a book with to-scale line drawings. You are on your own to figure out the rest! My mother and I are doing a little quilt-along which we started in June 2012, alternating on selecting 10 blocks to make and sewing 2 blocks per week.

I have been really behind on making these blocks, but now I am all caught up, including this week's 2 blocks. I am very happy to be finished with these - I am taking this week off sewing more blocks, and will do my best to stay on time in the future so I don't have to have a Dear Jane marathon week (i.e. 8 blocks in a week). Some of these blocks take hours to sew! Good thing the Olympics were on TV.
Jeg har ligget på etterskudd med disse lappene, men nå er jeg a jour, inkludert denne ukens lapper. Jeg er glad for å være ferdig med disse og tar denne uka fri fra dette prosjektet. Skal prøve å holde meg til skjema i fremtiden så jeg slipper å sy 8 lapper på en uke. Noen av disse tar timer å sy! Bra og ha OL å se på da.

Here are the latest additions to the project:
Her er de nyeste lappene:

J11 and J1 - freezer paper appliqued, paper pulled out with tweezers before stitching the last 1/2" around each piece.
J11 cropped J1 cropped

D3 - freezer paper appliqued, paper removed from back after finished.
D3 cropped

D1 and F4 - foundation paper pieced - thought it was about time to add some modern fabrics...
D1 cropped F4 cropped

H13 and C3 - more foundation paper pieced blocks... Easy peasy!
H13 cropped J4 cropped

J5 - gets the prize for most techniques in one block: foundation paper pieced center, the outside english paper pieced and then appliqued onto the center to finish it off.
J5 cropped

That marks the end of the second set of 10 blocks - all with "criss cross" patterns. The first 10 were variations on the 9-patch.
Det er slutten på andre sett med 10 lapper, alle med criss-cross mønster. De første 10 var variasjoner på 9-patch.

Here is a mosaic of my first 20 blocks, in the end this will be 13x13 square blocks!
Her er en mosaikk med mine første 20 lapper - til slutt vil dette være 13x13 ruter!
Dear Jane 1-20

Lastly, I have to admit I am having mixed feelings about this project. The good thing about this project is that it really is a great skill builder. Lots of applique in all sorts of shapes. Curved piecing will come. There are lots of really detailed foundation paper pieced blocks too. And it's fun to have this quilt-along with my mom.
Til slutt må jeg innrømme at jeg litt ambivalent ang. dette prosjektet. Det er en flott måte å trene på teknikker, som applikering, buede sømmer og detaljert papirsøm. Og det er gøy å ha en quilt-along med min mor.

What I am not loving about this project is my color choice. It feels a bit bland to me. And I have spent too many hours on these first 20 blocks to start over, so I have to work with what I've got...
Det jeg ikke elsker er fargevalget mitt. Det føles litt for kjedelig. Og jeg har brukt for mange timer så langt for å begynne på nytt, så jeg må bruke det jeg har...

What would YOU do to give this project a pop of color?
Hva ville DU gjort for å gi prosjektet litt mer farge?

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  1. Oh my Gosh, this is unbelievable! What a marathon! Would the binding add the colour you need? Are you planning to hand stitch?

  2. I really like your Blues, but how about adding green and turquoise? That would brighten it up - I think...

  3. Wonderful job, Marit. 8 blocks in one week is a LOT of Jane work - I know from all of my own catch-up work this past month! I'm glad you described how you tackled J-5 since I'll be doing it soon. I think I'll follow your lead and do it that way, too. And hey - I really love your blues. I don't think it's bland, especially with the neat modern fabrics you pulled into the mix. I've seen one finished Dear Jane done all in blues, and it was breath-taking. Keep going the way you are, and it's going to be spectacular.

  4. Wow! Those blocks are incredible. Could you add some sashing in a brighter color to liven it up? Yellow, green, or aqua would all look great, I think.

  5. Your blocks look great! Thanks for visiting my blog Marit- come often :)

  6. Your blocks looks great and a Dear Jane in blues will be stunning! Love the modern fabric take on these blocks.

  7. These are beautiful and I love them in blues!

  8. Your Dear Jane blocks look great!

  9. I think it looks great so far! Very ambitious! I would think adding in any color would work at this point - my first thought would be greens?

  10. I agree with Siri. I would do the next few blocks in gray and turquoise. If that isn't enough color, then do a set with gray and green.

  11. Hi Marit, your blocks are great! Congrats!
    Hugs from Italy, Emanuela


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