August 02, 2012

Really Random Thursday Ramblings

First of all, a message to my grandma - beklager, mormor, dette blir nok bare på engelsk...

Okay. Have you heard about the new weekly linky party at Live a Colorful Life? It's called Really Random Thursday and it is just what it says. I'm linking up there today:) So prepare for some random rambling today.
Live A Colorful Life

So my mom just had a birthday and like the loving daughter I am, I wanted to make her something really special. I had just the perfect pattern and have been working on it the last couple of days. She is a skilled sewer and also a blogger (you can find her blog here). I just finished the project, and I am afraid it will get more of a laugh than admiration... I think I have to go shopping tomorrow (I'll see her on Saturday).

Here's a sneak peak (this part looks nice, the bad bit came later):
Orange WIP detail

July's been a slow sewing month. It's holiday time in Norway and my husband has had off work, so more time has been spent with him and baby girl than at the sewing machine. Just to throw in a random photo, here's our little cutie. Nice hair do, little one (OK, I did that).

My husband just asked if I wasn't going to post a photo of him too. Nope.

Even though I really don't need any more projects, I am going to follow along with this blog hop, because paper piecing seems to be all the rage and I am loving it. English paper piecing to work on outside my sewing room, foundation paper piecing to make fun designs. I already have this project on my to-do list:
Umbrella zip pouch
Oh, I now have 13 followers on my blog (I only know 2 of them personally), which I know is not very much, but is so exciting to me. I have been blogging less than two months, and I really am enjoying it. The fact that someone finds my posts worth following makes me feel pretty good. It makes the time it takes worth it.

OK, that's enough rambling for one day. Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. The weekend starts tomorrow!


  1. These big blue eyes are irresistible! And that paper piecing project looks very cute. Thanks so much for linking up this week!!

  2. Now I am really looking forward to Saturday!!! Getting curiouser and curiouser, as the mad hatter said to Alice. And please keep babygirl's hairdo :-)

  3. I saw the paper piecing and thought I needed to try it as everyone is talking about it!

  4. your baby girl is so adorable!!! looking forward to seeing your paper piecing project! =)

  5. That's lovely that you have had time to spend as a family - one day your daughter will have long hair and you'll look back at this photo and say - "that spikey hairdo just seems like yesterday". My youngest is now 4 and I do that with her baby photos. Good on you for starting a blog and I will join and become your #14. I am Fiona from Australia and found your blog through the PPP Flickr post you did. You can find me at Finding Fifth. blogspot. I used to have a lovely Norweigen friend, named Tove, from high school but lost touch in our 20s. Her family was from Kongsvinger and I do miss her.

  6. I'm loving the colours and choices of fabrics that you use they are so cheerful!


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