February 07, 2013

February Goals

A quarter of the way done with the month and it's probably overdue to note my goals for February. I was more than happy with reaching all my January goals and I think I should be realistic about what I'll have time for in the next 3 weeks (considering we are in the middle of DIY renovating the first floor of our house).

1) Finish Starburst quilt - all the way - start and finish a quilt in a month - can I do it?

2) Finish California Cherry Blossom top and back and send off to get quilted - this should be very do-able!

3) Finish/make birthday gift for my grandma - either finish the planned Christmas gift that got put on hold or make something totally new - wonder which it will be?

There - the list has been made. I'm kind of feeling like I've been showing/working on the same stuff a lot lately. So my thought about March is that I want to work on several smaller projects. Maybe I'll just start 10 projects at once, just to have some more variation. We'll see:)

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  1. I still feel like Feb only just started. Yikes - need to get on! Still loving the starburst!

  2. Your starburst blocks look great. Good luck getting it finished! :)

  3. it looks beautiful Marit!
    And thanks for linking up! :)

  4. Found your blog via A Quilter by Night's blog. Just wanted to say your Starburst blocks are beautiful and I hope you achieve your goals.


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