February 24, 2013

Sunday Stash/Confession

All I needed was some Kona Snow - you know - that perfect off-white that works with just about anything. But when you first need to order something from overseas, you might as well fill up the package with a little more fabric. Am I right???
Det eneste jeg trengte å bestille var noe off-white bakgrunnsstoff. Men når man først skal bestille noe fra "junaiten" kan man jo like godt fylle opp handlekurven med litt til stoff. Ikke sant?

So this is what made it's way to my mailbox this week - some cuteness from Riley Blake!
Så dette var det som ble levert denne uka (i tillegg til det off-white) - supersøte stoff fra Riley Blake!

1) Some yardage with no particular project in mind - LOVE the bunting and the diagonal stripe should make a cool binding for some future project!
1) Diverse stoff til stashen - DIGGER de små vimplene og det med de diagonale stripene blir nok en kul lukkekant!

2) A sweet plaid which I hope to make into a summer dress for my girl and some pom-pom and lace trims that were too cute to pass up:)
2) Et søtt rutete stoff som jeg håper blir til en sommerkjole for lillejenta og noen pom-ponger og blonder some jeg bare måtte ha:)

I will let you know that I ordered these supplies from fabric.com - a web site I sometimes love and sometimes don't... They do have good prices and a large selection of fabrics, but their service level has been varying greatly. Sometimes my order is packed, shipped and on my doorstep within 2-3 days (when I pay for UPS). Other times they don't have the items I ordered and it takes a week just to get it out their door. Which happened this time...
Jeg handlet fra www.fabric.com - en butikk jeg av og til elsker og av og til elsker ikke... De har gode priser og stort utvalg, men litt varierende servicenivå.

With my fellow fabric-aholics, I am linking up to Sunday Stash #52 with Fiona of Finding Fifth. It's my first time confessing my fabric purchases and it feels goooood!


  1. These look lovely, and no wonder you couldn't resist them, and of course, whilst you were paying for postage it makes sense to fill the envelope!

  2. I was wondering, do you have had any troubles with customs lately, receiving fabric from the USA? I used to order from the Fat Quarter Shop, but the last order was stuck in customs, as well as a private parcel with fabric from a friend... so I got careful now, the American stores may have great deals for us Europeans, but not if customs are slapped on top all the time lol and it was a tiny package with just a few fatquarters :(

  3. Lovely fabric! I too really like the bunting. How cute!

  4. With international postal rates the way they are, you have to stuff the envelope as full as you can!

  5. Ah Marit, lovely to have you join in this week. I also buy fabric that would make good binding and stuff my USPS packages to the brim.

  6. I just did that today. If I ordered $50 I got free shipping, so to save $5 I added $18 to my order. Can you tell I suck at math?

  7. Sometimes you just need a little extra in that order. I totally understand! Love the extra that you ordered. I've only ordered once from fabric.com and it worked out fine. I am always tempted to order more that I don't need when I get their daily sales in the mail.

  8. Ooh, and that green plaid check combo is lovely as well! It's very spring! I could actually see all of those fabrics working well together. Glad to see you linking up with Sunday Stash and making the rest of us feel good about our obsession! haha

  9. Such great prints but I do love that bunting! The scale just looks perfect.


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