July 21, 2012

Dear Jane 11 & 12

Dear Jane,
this first block (K8) I assembled by paper piecing. I'm not sure how I feel about paper piecing. It is such a hassle removing the paper at the end... But it does allow for making complex blocks quite easily. I'm not happy about the cross in the middle not lining up perfectly. But not unhappy enough to use the seam ripper on it. If I don't focus my eyes, then it looks fine:)
Dear (Kjære) Jane,
denne første ruten ble sydd med papirsøm. Jeg vet ikke helt om jeg liker papirsøm. Det er sånt makkverk å fjerne papiret på slutten... Men det gjør det enkelt å sy sammen vanskelige mønster. Jeg er ikke fornøyd med at krysset i midten ikke er helt rett. Men ikke misfornøyd nok til at jeg finner frem sprettekniven. Hvis jeg ikke fokuserer øynene, ser den helt fin ut:)
Dear Jane K8

Dear Jane,
this second block (A7) is my favorite appliqued block so far. Maybe my favorite overall. I think it is pretty!
Kjære Jane,
denne andre ruten er min favoritt blant de jeg har applikert så langt. Kanskje favoritt av alle rutene jeg har sydd så langt. Jeg syns den er veldig pen!
Dear Jane A7

If you want to see how my mother cheated and has been making more blocks per week then we agreed upon (2 per week), then you can click here. No hard feelings:)
Hvis du vil se hvordan moren min jukser og lager flere ruter per uke enn vi har avtalt kan du klikke her. Jeg er ikke fornærmet, altså:)



  1. Wow, they're so neat! I wouldn't have noticed the cross not lining up if you hadn't pointed it out :) Also just popped over to your mum's blog, love the hexagon mug rug you made for her :) Really cool that your mum has a sewing blog too - mine can barely use a computer!

  2. Sorry sweetheart, but you know that from Wednesday on I will not be either near of or capable of using a sewing machine for four weeks... But I'll only make one appliqued block per week. Promise :-)

  3. You are linked up at Janiac's Unite also :-) Great!

  4. Beautiful blocks!

    And I agree about the paper. I did a paper pieced block this afternoon and definitely the worst part--tearing the paper off...


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