July 01, 2012

June Recap - July Plans

Hello and welcome to my blog, dear reader (new and old)!

June is over and it was a month full of firsts - first time I'd ever blogged, first blocks were made for my Dear Jane quilt (like Farmer's Wife but more blocks...), first time sewing for charity, first time participating in a block-of-the month club, first time making paper pieced hexies, and the month of my thirty-first birthday.

DEAR JANE BLOCKS - 8 of 169 done!
Dear Jane 1-8

TRAC pillows mosaic

2012 Mystery BOM 1-1

HEXIE PROJECTS (not completed)
Zakka Style Hexie Pouch WIPHexie WIP

My favorite project of June was the Hexie pouch - top hexie photo - but I need to take it apart and reassemble it to get the zipper to my liking.

In recapping the month, I will also admit this was a month of high volume fabric and quilting book shopping... Not that I don't have quite a bit of these things already, but there's just so much cool new stuff to be had. I just got my tax refund (yay) and I had some money to spare for sewing stuff (double yay). Lots of packages in the mail (quite a few I will admit) and I will be waiting by our mail box every day this week. Now that July is here I am determined to do less shopping and more sewing. Unless I really NEED some fabric for a SPECIFIC fabric (as opposed to I WANT some fabric to keep in my STASH).

Plans for July sewing:
  • Continue my two-per-week progress on Dear Jane (kind of feeling like a chore, but I think I just need some variation from the 9-patch designs we started out with)
  • Participate in the Christmas in July event at Sew Festive Handmade - I LOVE homemade Christmas stuff and maybe I'll even get some Christmas gifts made this summer. Double bonus!

  • Make zipper pouch based on this pattern, thus hopefully gaining important insight into making pouches with nice zipper areas and then fix Hexie zipper pouch as pictured above.
  • Make some baprons for baby girl who is just starting to eat solids - some laminated cottons have been ordered and should arrive tomorrow according to UPS.
  • Participate in the Vintage Christmas sew-along at Fabric Mutt - starting July 9th - I've been ogling this pattern for a couple of weeks now, so really excited about this one.
  • Find a quilt pattern to make with my California Girl fabric, of which I accidentally bought two layer cakes (two times 42 10"x10" fabric squares) - love the fabric and hope to find a pattern soon that does it justice.
  • Sew some paper pieced hexies for yet to be determined project (because I need something to sew that doesn't require a sewing machine - don't want to be in my sewing room all summer).
Okay - that is really it. To you Norwegian readers - sorry this is all in English, the post is just too long to translate!

I am linking up to Lily's Quilts Small Blog Meet today - if you are too, leave a comment and I'll come visit!
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  1. I'm visiting from Lily's Quilts. Your blog looks lovely, and I've subscribed. Hello!

  2. I came to your blog from Lily's Quilts - You have a long list for July - and I love your hexi pouch

  3. Marit, visiting from Lily's and love your work - you've been busy! Currently working on a pillow for a friend's mom's 90th birthday using Bonnie & Camille's Vintage Modern. They are Finnish(sp?)and when I saw the line, I thought of her mom. Will post it after her birthday.

  4. My dear daughter - if you think Dear Jane is becoming a chore, need I remind you who it was that came up with the idea in the first place????
    The next 10 DJ blocks are all set to go - no 9-patches. Promise :)

  5. Those little hexagons are so cute! Definitely need to try out hexagons at some point


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