September 20, 2012

California Cherry Blossom - finally some progress!

I think it was July when I first cut out the pieces for my Cherry Blossom quilt (pattern from Joanna Figueroa's book "With Fabric & Thread"), but progress has been lacking. I pieced one block in August. But last week I decided to add two more quilts to my WIPs and then I thought to myself "Marit, you have made less than a handful of quilts in the last 10 years and now you want to have 5 going at the same time?"
Jeg tror det var juli da jeg skjærte ut delene til Cherry Blossomquilten min, men det har vært liten fremgang. Jeg sydde sammen en rute i august. Men forrige uke kom to nye quilter på gjøre-listen min og da tenkte jeg "Marit, du har sydd bare noen få tepper de siste 10 årene og nå skal du ha 5 på gang samtidig?"

No, I don't want to have 5 going on at the same time. That would annoy the heck out of me. I wouldn't be able to go to sleep at night.
Nei, det vil jeg ikke. Jeg tror det vil gjøre meg helt sprø og holde meg våken om natta.

So... I decided to get a move on it with this quilt, so the quilt top gets completed, at least. I am considering getting it quilted by a professional (all the white/negative space scares me).
Så jeg fant ut at jeg burde få opp farta med dette teppet så jeg får ferdig toppen. Jeg vurderer å få dette quiltet av en profesjonell (er så mye hvitt og det skremmer meg).

Here are my 5 blocks so far:





Now, this is where I need help!
Det er nå jeg trenger hjelp!

The quilt has 9 blocks and I have 4 colors of blocks. I don't think random placement will look good. So I have to optional layout that I'd love to get your input on (note: the sashing will be in white with pink/red corner stones).
Teppet har 9 ruter og jeg har 4 farger på rutene. Jeg har to alternative plasseringer som jeg gjerne vil ha din tilbakemelding på.

Option 1 - using the intended blocks (the beige is a little warmer in real life)
Alt 1 - med fargene jeg hadde planlagt å bruke
California Cherry Blossom Layout 3

Option 2 - skip the beige and use only 3 colors
Alt 2 - ta bort beige og bare bruk 3 farger
California Cherry Blossom Layout 2

WWYD (What would you do)?
Hva ville du gjort?

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  1. I love both of them! I like the second one best of all as on my screen at least I wonder if the beige one possibly gets a little lost in combination with all the others.

    I really like the beige block and red one together though!

  2. I agree with Catherine, the beige seems to disappear a little and therefore I prefer option 2. Lovely pattern though and the beige blocks would make lovely cushions or throw pillows!

  3. I know this doesn't help, but they are both lovely. If you do decide to take out the beige, perhaps it could be some back art? Lovely pattern. It's a bit like Swoon, but simpler?

  4. Keep the beige! I agree with you -- in real life it is a much warmer color. It will give a nice balance to the reds and greens.

  5. Oh my goodness. I can't decide. I just know they are both beautiful.

  6. I think I prefer it with the beige, but maybe a different placement. I would put the green in the corner where the yellow is.

  7. O so pretty... Either one is perfect, but i like 2nd one just a teeny bit more

  8. Maybe changing 1 of the yellow blocks with a beige in your 2nd option? Love your blocks, by the way. They're so beautiful and can't wait to see it finished! =)

  9. I love your option 1! I think that beige adds a needed warmth to the other colors.

    I just found your blog through the 100 Day Hustle link up. Excited to see your progress! :0)


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