September 13, 2012

Jack Attack and Windy Days

After stating yesterday that sewing time was limited, you'd think I'd know better than to contemplate starting new projects. But, no, I guess I don't know better.

When Lynne of Lily's Quilts announced the Jack Attack quilt-along, I must have been sleeping as I read the post, because I didn't really think anything of it. But later some more posts about the quilt kept popping up and all of a sudden I thought - I WANT ONE! I NEED ONE! (I also thought "I don't really have time to make on" but that thought is being supressed.)

The quilt will be something like this - 3 enormous Union Jacks put together:
Sketch from Lily's Quilts

I already put the Jack Attack button on my side bar, even though I don't have the fabric for it yet! I just think the button is so cool!
Lilys Quilts

I have been wanting to get some fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics because they look so awesome, but I haven't had a good excuse until now. I am going to use the Modernology collection in the chic pink colorway. Why haven't I bought fabric yet? Because I entered a giveaway for this fabric and I'm hoping to win (yeah, right!). Fingers and toes crossed until tomorrow...

This is the fabric collection - beautiful, right?

And if that isn't enough, I am also just getting started on a baby quilt - made entirely of precut charm squares (instant gratification).

This is the pattern:

And the fabric I'm using is Oh Deer! by MoMo for Moda. It "somehow" ended up in my shopping cart a little while back and I think it will work well for this quilt.

So - there you have it. Two new quilts in the works. Don't know when I'll actually have time to sew them...

Today I am linking up to:
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and to Lily's Quilts to let Lynne know my Jack Attack intentions - Hi, Lynne!


  1. Well hi Marit! I really hope you win those Modernology fabrics - I really think Pat Bravo's fabrics are absolutely perfect for this pattern - so big and floral and overstated! I am in the process of quilting mine at the moment - the phase where the quilt looks really ugly and I don't love it at all. But tomorrow when I finish the quilting and add the binding I know I will love it A LOT and am kind of excited to get it outside and take a photo if it doesn't rain all day!

  2. Isn't it amazing the way that fabric throws itself into your shopping cart? You've set yourself some lovely challenges - look forward to seeing them grow.

  3. Jack attack, det er jo det jeg sier når Jack kommer løpende og hoppende av glede :-) lykke til med prosjektene da!

  4. Good luck with your Jack Attack quilt. Its going to be great! (Hope you won the giveaway!

  5. oh yay Marit, I'm so glad you're in for the Jack Attack!! Those Pat Bravo fabrics are beautiful - have you heard yet whether you won the giveway? It's good to have lots of projects on the go, so you can move between them as the mood takes you. Happy sewing, looking forward to seeing your Jacks! Cat.

  6. Beautiful projects to make, Marit. Love the fabrics you chise for those two quilts and look forward to seeing your progress. =)


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